ryan gerstung


Ryan is a Partner at M&G Solutions.  Ryan has spent 11+ years leading analytics and operations teams within the financial services industry.  He is inquisitive by nature and has a passion for leveraging data to solve complex business problems.   Ryan thrives in fast paced environments where he can leverage his analytic skills (and data) to drive operational excellence.

Prior to M&G Solutions, Ryan spent 8 years at Prosper Marketplace where he designed and deployed the Business Operations function.  Ryan’s teams were responsible for back office operations including the architecture for vendor integrations, financial and data reconciliations, workforce management, staffing optimization, and compliance/regulatory adherence.  In parallel, Ryan managed a team of operational analysts providing analysis and guidance across the entire operational lifecycle.    

Prior to joining Prosper, Ryan worked for GE Capital where he held positions responsible for customer acquisition, marketing, and sales.  

Originally from Buffalo NY, Ryan now lives in the Bay area with his wife Amber and 3 kids.