ibeth gonzalez


Ibeth is an Operations Consultant at M&G Solutions.  Ibeth has spent 15+ years leading client support organizations focused on achieving her partner’s complex business procedures.  Ibeth is extremely detail oriented with a proven track record in project management.  She is passionate about delivering best in class results for her partners while never losing sight of our partner’s customer experience.

Prior to M&G Solutions, Ibeth spent 15 years leading client focused departments supporting many of the largest financial services organizations in the industry such as Citi, Capital One, Bank of America, Synchrony, Chase, and Discover.  Ibeth exceeds her client’s expectations by deploying detailed policy and procedure principles and holding all areas of the organization accountable.  In addition, Ibeth led both the internal/external audit function for her past organizations including the testing and remediation process. 

Ibeth currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband Javier and children,