Brad Bone


Brad is a principal and co-founder of M&G Solutions. Brad has spent 25+ years leading organizations across numerous verticals both on the client and supplier side of the business. Brad is highly skilled at building and driving customer centric processes that ensure a high level of performance and customer experience for his partners.

During his 12 years at Capital One, Brad’s focus was primarily in the operations space focused on several products including bank card, auto, and mobility portfolios. His last five years at Capital One were spent assisting the company in a supply chain management leadership role. During that timeframe, Brad was directly involved in the operational outsourcing strategy creation, selection of partners, and the ongoing management of Capital One’s extended enterprise. The supply chain role provided him the unique ability to work in both the Canadian and US market place for Capital One.

Following Capital One, Brad has held many executive level positions with the largest BPO companies in world such as Teleperformance and iQor as well as smaller boutique type companies such as Bill Gosling Outsourcing and Affinity Global where he served as the organization’s President.

Brad currently lives in Richmond, VA with his wife and children. When not traveling the country for business, Brad is known as a sports fanatic who loves to spend time with family and friends.